Course Open.
Junior Rules (girls)

Policy for Junior/Juvenile Girls Golf

Bandon Golf Club

  • juvenile age 10-14 years
  • junior age 15-19 years and those in full time education.

Dress Code

  • Players are expected to wear smart clothes when they are on golf club property. (please consult pictures in ladies locker room).

Locker Room/Changing Room

  • Juniors/ juveniles girls are allowed to enter these areas to enter competitions /swipe cards/use the lockers/day lockers.

Course Etiquette:

Juniors/Juveniles are expected to -

  • Obey, respect and be courteous to adult members on the course.
  • Play quickly and do not hold up any players behind you.
  • You may not cut in on a hole if there are players playing the previous hole.
  • Repair divots and pitch mark.
  • Rake bunkers.

Playing Times.

  • Juniors/Juveniles may play on the course on the following times:
    Weekdays — up to 6pm
    Weekends — After 6pm
  • Any Juniors/Juveniles who are eligible to play in Adult Competitions may play at any time in said competitions.
  • Juniors/Juveniles playing with an adult may play at any time.
  • Play off Red Markers (ladies markers)

Any player who breaks these rules may be suspended from playing.

Acquisition of handicap -

  1. 3 x18 hole cards
  2. 6 x 9 hole cards( 3 front nine, and 3 back nine holes)

Eligibility to play in adult competitions

Those with official handicap of 36

  • can compete and win normal weekly singles and team competitions.
  • can compete and win ILGU Medal competitions.
  • can win all gross prizes.
  • Pay the same competition entry fee.
  • are ineligible to play in 3 major competitions. Lady Captain's Prize, Mens Captain's Prize to the Ladies and President's Prize to the Ladies.
  • can play and win other major competitions, i.e. Christmas and Easter Hampers.
  • are eligible to play on club teams.
  • May enter the 2 club competition.
  • Must follow the conditions of competition as set out by the Ladies Committee of Bandon GolfClub. (on display on notice board in ladies locker room).

Those with an official handicap of 35 or lower

  • follow the same conditions of play as above.
  • May play in the 3 named majors above but may not win the first prize or the runner's up prize.

Weekly junior competition will be run on allocated days during the summer months (see time sheet).