Course Open.
Local Rules


Out of Bounds: A Ball is Out of Bound only when All of it is outside the boundary edge of the course



  • The course-side edge of any wall defines the boundary of the course unless otherwise governed by white stakes/ lines or Local Rule No. 2 below. Rule 18.2.


  • A player’s ball coming to rest on or beyond public road L2021 and the road leaving from public road L2021 to Castlebernard Showgrounds is out of bounds, even if it comes to rest on another part of the course that is in bounds for other holes.


  • Free relief is available from Sprinkler Heads, Manhole Covers, timber steps, Internal Railings, Tee Markers, Distance Markers (stakes and Fairway Discs) Seats, Ball Washers, Notice Boards/ Signs, Staked Tree Poles and Stays, White Direction Stone on 2ND Hole, Bell on 2nd hole, Alternative Holes on the putting green (if interfering with line with line of play of a ball on the putting green), Road and Paths on the course (even if not artificially surfaced) Rule 16.1.


Penalty for Breach of Local Rule

  • Strokeplay – Two Strokes
  • Matchplay – Loss of Hole

It is Strictly forbidden to enter private property at right of 3rd/ 4th & 5th, left of 12th and back of 15th hole